Careers Day
1 Oct 2019

Lego X SCGS Alumni

One of the great things about having a Rolodex as deep and wide as the SCGS Alumni is when old girls partner us to offer opportunities for current SCGS girls. Last October, led by Mrs Jean Keow (Head of the alumni events sub-committee, 2019) 14 SCGD girls scored a rare visit to LEGO Singapore where they met the creative and personable LEGO...

22 Oct 2019

Careers Day 2019

Careers Education Day was held on 23 October in 2019. This was the 3rd Career's Education Day supported by the SCGS Alumni Committee. The theme in 2019 was "Being a Woman in Leadership". More than 50 alumnus contributed their time to come share their work and life experiences with the Secondary Division students. We had more than 12...