Cook On Series
25 Mar 2017

Keep Calm and Cook On with Mrs. Jean Keow (fully booked!)

Come learn how to cook Penang delicacies with Mrs Jean Keow. The cooking session will be held this coming Saturday 25th March from 10am to 1pm, at the Homec Kitchen in SCGS (kitchen 2). Please bring along an apron. As there will be a parents’ briefing that same morning, parking may be limited. It costs $40 each for Alumni members, and...

15 Jul 2017

Keep Calm and Cook On with Mrs. Florence Phuah (this event is open to children as well)


12 May 2018

Cook On with Mrs Florence Phuah

We have been hosting multiple sessions over the last couple of years and learning to cook from Mrs Florence Phuah (former Vice Principal of SCGS). Every time the session is organised, it is a HIT! If you are keen on this event, kindly reach out to...

11 May 2019

Cook On with Mrs Fernandez!

Other than being a powerhouse teacher in school, Mrs Dora Maria Choo-Fernandez is also a kick ass chef, especially Peranakan cuisine. Mrs Fernandez kicked off the 2019 Cook With season with double billing of Peranakan favourites: Ayam Sio and Kueh Bingka. The former an old school Nonya chicken and coriander dish that is just on the right side...

24 Aug 2019

Cook On with Mrs Phuah!

It was a great Saturday morning on the 24th of Aug 2019, getting myself ready for another cooking class with Mrs Phuah at SCGS. At today’s cooking class, we would be whooping up Tauhu Goreng and a mini Apple Pie. The class was entirely hands on and taught in a small group. With Mrs Phuah’s great guidance, you would be able to cook fast,...