July 25, 2022

Alumni Membership

We welcome all Kim Geks to join us.
When you register to be a SCGS alumni member, your Alumni Life Membership goes towards supporting the following initiatives in the school.

Join us…

… as a Lifetime member if you are a former SCGS girl who is no longer attending primary school, secondary school, junior college or centralised institutions.
… as an Associate member, if you are a recent graduate of SCGS.

To join us as an alumni member, please fill in your application via this membership form.
For any queries, please contact us at membership@scgsalumni.org.

If you are already a member and you (i) need to update your particulars or (ii) request a new card, please download and fill in this form.
Please email the form to membership@scgsalumni.org.

To read our Alumni constitution, click here.


Eligibility for Phase 2A priority in the Primary 1 Registration
Please check MOE’s website for more information.

Sponsorship of the annual Tan Sock Kern Award

The award is given to a Sec 4 pupil, selected by the School and Alumni, for all-round excellence, good academic results, strong leadership, active CCCA involvement, sound character and good conduct.

Prize: $500 + medal + perpetual shield

Sponsorship of the annual Rosalind Heng Award

The award is given to a Sec 4 pupil, selected by the School and Alumni, for outstanding character.

Prize: $500 + medal + perpetual shield

Sponsorship of Sec 4 Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a momentous occasion for our Sec 4 senior pupils, and the Alumni shares in their milestone with a special graduation gift that helps them fondly remember their days in our alma mater.

Support of the annual Teachers’ Day Appreciation celebration

In appreciation of the dedicated teachers who mould and influence generations of kimgeks, the Alumni co-sponsors this annual celebration together with the Parent Support Group.

Support of the Sec 4 study camp

The Alumni sponsors a portion of the meals provided to students in the three-month long ‘O’ level study camp.

Ongoing Communication with Fellow Alumni

Whether it is mailers to inform Alumni of an upcoming Annual General Meeting and Lunch, or a welcome pack for new members, or maintaining this Alumni website, ongoing communication with our fellow kimgeks helps us stay in touch with one another for the ongoing benefit of the School, and simply because the friends we made in SCGS are lifelong friends.