August 8, 2019

National Day Celebrations and SC Day!

Date(s) - 08/08/2019
All Day


The National Day celebrations at SCGS are always fun and full of exciting activities. The SCGS Alumni is always heartened to be invited back. This year, we were represented by Ms. Diana Yee. In light of the school’s 120th anniversary celebrations, the school’s national celebration included the launch of a commemorative book written and illustrated by two kimgeks: Pauline Loh, an award winning author and creative writing teacher; and Heng Li Ching, a watercolor illustrator and instructor. Jade’s Quest for Her Heritage is a heartwarming story of sincerity, courage, generosity and service. Cleverly weaving life lessons in the adventures of the two protagonists, Jade’s Quest is truly a delightful read for all ages. With a captivating storyline and beautifully detailed illustrations, the book invites one to return to it again and again, to uncover yet new insights and visual treats.