About the SCGS Alumni

The SCGS Alumni was formed in 1978 to provide the link between the old girls and the School. One of the objectives of the Alumni is to ensure that the values and mission of the School stay with the girls after they have left the school. The Alumni serves as a bridge to connect old girls to SCGS by keeping them in touch with the activities and events that are taking place within the School.

The Alumni stresses the importance of a continual relationship between an SCGS student and her alma mater after graduation, so as to give back what the teachers (who would have become friends following close interaction through the years) had taught and provided her during her terms there. With the Alumni getting increasingly involved in school activities, it is hoped that each girl will continue their friendship / relationship with the School. Students who have graduated from secondary 4 are strongly encouraged to join the Alumni and participate in its activities.

Over the last few years, besides encouraging Kim Geks to connect and network with each other, the Alumni has also been actively involved in projects to assist the School. These include helping the school in its fund-raising efforts to build the new wing for the primary school as well as the new sports complex.


President: Ms. Denise Wong
Vice Presidents: Mrs. Cherie Tseng (Cherie Lim)
Ms. Clara Lim
Hon Secretary: Ms. Tan Li Ping
Hon Treasurer: Ms. Sherryn Lim
Deputy Hon Treasurer: Ms. Linda Poon
Committee Member: Ms. Angelin Tjoa
Committee Member: Ms. Diana Yee
Committee Member: Ms. Selena Quah
Committee Member: Dr. Jocelyn Lim
Committee Member: Ms. Keow Mei-Yen
Committee Member: Ms. Sharon Su
Committee Member: Ms. Joan Leong
Committee Member: Ms. Jee Kinnear
Committee Member: Ms. Charlotte Teo



The Alumni seeks to serve as a link to maintain contact between the school and her former pupils and staff. This will also perpetuate friendships formed (whether among the students, or between the teachers and the students) at the school and move towards the development of a true spirit of loyalty and love for Singapore Chinese Girls School.”


Establishing and strengthening a long-term partnership with our Alma Mater, building a strong Alumni network and engaging the Alumni in the continuing development of the School.


Loyalty to our Alma Mater and embracing its core values of Sincerity, Courage, Generosity and Service.


i) Perpetuating the friendships formed at the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
ii) Maintaining contact between the School and her former pupils and staff.
iii) Developing a true spirit of loyalty and love for the Alma Mater.
iv) Securing the co-operation and active support of the Alumnus in carrying out the aims and objectives of the School.