June 1, 2020

Amendment to the SCGS Alumni Constitution

Dear Alumni Members

At our AGM held on 4 April, we passed a resolution to approve certain amendments to the Constitution of the Alumni.

In accordance with our regulatory obligations, we filed the amendments with the Registry of Societies (“ROS”). The ROS has approved our proposed amendments subject to certain additional amendments.

In summary, the additional amendments are as follows:
(1) To remove references to “First Honorary Treasurer” and “Second Honorary Treasurer”;
(2) Retain references to “Honorary Treasurer” and introduce a “Deputy Honorary Treasurer”;
(3) The Honorary Treasurer will continue to be responsible for the treasury duties of the Alumni and will be assisted by the Deputy Honorary Treasurer in carrying out these duties.

A copy of these additional amendments (marked up in red) are attached for your reference.
Amendment of Rules cleared with ROS

Please let us know, by replying to scgsalumni@gmail.com, if you have any questions or objections to the additional amendments.

If we do not hear back from you by 30 June 2020, we will take it that you accept these additional amendments.

Thank you.

Tan Li Ping
Honorary Secretary of the SCGS Alumni